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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Rush to Save Time.

I've been thinking about relaxation. At the busiest time of the year. In a time when 'we must catch up for a coffee' is the default for hello and it was prompted by the sight of a woman sitting in a busy cafe surrounded by a long list and a pile of Christmas cards. She did not pause except to sip her coffee. Card writing used to be a long, relaxing event in December. It was often reflective and even cathartic as was gift wrapping on Xmas Eve and drinking coffee in cafes. Now we can outsource and what a time saver that has proved to be! But where does the saved time go? Is it spent talking with our loved ones, finishing that book, trying out that recipe, a long landline conversation to an interstate friend, a swim or better still a time to process our thoughts? There is no bank of 'saved hours', at the end of every day we start all over again. I've worked out my New Year's Resolution, I'm going to spend every saved minute every day, I'm going to waste my saved time on whatever attracts me in the moment. I have a feeling it will be time well spent.
Have a truly restful day,
vicki xx


deux chiens et un garcon said...

living in the moment is someting i'm aspiring to do. sounds as though your bank of time has been piling up. very relaxing photos. hope the weather has not been too damaging your way.

Chantal Moore said...

I love the photos, I remember being there, such a lovely place!