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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Winter Sun.

Pottering around. 
Time with Alex.

Time?  People talk about being time poor...spending quality time... putting your time to good use, time slipping by...running short on...So, on Sunday Alex and I spent the day together, outside, exams over, no books, no computer, actually no technology at all as our mobiles had no reception on Mt Tambourine. Bliss. Lots of bird song, cottage gardens, foodie shops, the Lavender Barn and lunch at the pub where if you don't book you'll be lucky to get a table. The landlord bought all the contents from a pub in Tunbridge Wells that was closing down to make way for a shopping mall, it only cost him 7,000 pounds for some amazing artifacts, one side of the pub is decorated in the English style, the other Irish.
I'm lucky my 16 year old daughter likes to spend time with me, it's fun exploring together.
The Irish side.
Lunch, The Fox and Hounds.

Menu gazing.

Eton Mess.

A beautiful winters' day on Tambourine.

Looking for corks for our board.
We stopped here but the gardens were only opened by appointment. 
Driving down the mountain, past the owner built houses nestled on the sides of the hills or perched on the top, smoke curling, fog swarming in, horses standing majestically in the setting sun, golden rays lighting up the green leaves making them almost transparent,  I felt that all was good where we were.