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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We'll get through this.

I sit and type from my secure home, only an hour from a city being brought to it's knees with flooding. I sit dry and comfortable on my lounge watching the scenes of utter devastation in towns dotting the Queensland countryside, I say goodnight to my children knowing that I will see them arise the next morning. But my heart is not the same, how can I watch scenes this tragic, hear of the loss of life, know that some families will never again see their loved ones and not be moved and changed. They say hard times bring us together, make us more unified, get us working in the same direction and that that is the backbone of our unique Australian-ness'. And it does, we've proved it already, we've done it for centuries, communities have stood strong through droughts, wars, bush fires, even an earthquake. People are so underestimated, people who on an average day, go to work, shop, meet in coffee shops or their homes to socialise are now rescuing, at times frantically with no hindrance for their own safety. They're sharing and giving.  What role models for us all. Heroes are not sports people. Heroes are the dads, the mums, the teenagers that we now see on our TV's. My love goes out to you all.