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Chance or Luck?

Today, I woke wondering exactly how much free will we have in our lives. Lately I've been thinking of two friends who very quickly changed the course of their lives mid track, one a teacher who decided that she wanted more and whilst she knew there were good things on the horizon she didn't want to settle in and wait for them to appear so she changed her life plan and then changed work, city and life style, friends, now she's living her ultimate life and what has changed is that her horizon is so dramatic that her life is far from ordinary.  The other friend was at lose ends in Australia, she had a rumbling discontent with her environment in every sense of the word, the town, the poor social life, the lack of contact with creative kindred spirits, even the weather! and this all led her to selling her belongings and heading straight to New York. She had no expectations apart from knowing that it would be better than the life she had been living. Nowdays, she talks about  her 'luck' often but I think there is something else at play here. I think it's a dynamic of risk and discontent. I think we all have that to an extent, we risk when we overcome our fears, whether it be public speaking or applying for a job in a different area or settling down and having a family and we turn our discontent into action when we move house, risk a business enterprise, buy completely new furniture or paint the house. We are all dynamic in our own very special way.
Have a fun day, remember to stop and breathe!