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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Secret of Time.

I've had time on my mind for some months now, I think about how fast life goes by, I ponder if all people feel the same about time when they pass the halfway mark, do people regret tossing their days away on watching T.V, doing nothing or do they feel it's a productive way of countering stress and a wind down from a hard week at work? I know I used to feel guilty if I didn't cram as much as I could into every day and I would regard a day as being wasted if I couldn't finish it by reading, no matter how much I had accomplished.

Now, I have come to learn the trick of father time, that we record the changes in our life, not the passing of time, we don't measure the months or years and as we get older we have less changes in our lives. Most of the milestones have been achieved and passed, we've finished school, entered the workforce, married, had children, bought a house/car/boat, set up a business and gardens, for some they have divorced and retired. There are no landmarks to anticipate, plan for and rejoyce in and so time just passes. Every Christmas I remark to shopkeepers how fast yet again has this year gone and if they are out of their 20's they almost certainly agree.

But now that I know the secret I will be able to slow it down. I need to constantly see/hear/smell/touch/eat/do things I've not contemplated before. Easy! I can do this! It's just a matter of re-thinking, out with the routine and in with the unexplored and undiscovered. Now I need to walk a different path, one where I will listen to music I've never heard, grind eastern spices in my pestle and mortar and let the aroma fill the house, buy a new perfume, I need to go to a huge craft shop and find and touch materials that I've not touched before and maybe buy some and make a heart to send to a friend, I need to explore Asian foods or Indian foods, something I've not eaten before apart from rice and dahl, I need to plan adventures like swimming early in the morning, eating meals outside, lying on the grass on warm nights and watching the stars, only using candles after dark, bush walking in the late afternoon then reading under a tree before I make my way back. If I was younger, perhaps under 50 this list would be different and if I was over 70 different again.

So, I will start now, I'm going to be presant in my daily life, I'm going to use every opportunity to be still engaged and look for the new milestones peeping around the corners.

Love to all,