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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Off the Highway and up the Mountain.

Lillies taken over the pond.
A shed that sits easily on the earth
Road just wide enough
I love driving off into the west, into the bush, finding little towns, parks, walking trails and streams. I love the wide streets, houses with huge backyards with jasmine and grape vines, the older style shops with cute curtains and tables with little bunches of herbs or roses from the garden that advertise coffee and home made cake for $5, the wild flowers, the way birds sit on the cows backs, the sunset colours across the paddocks, leaving the return home late and seeing all the lights come on in the homesteads, giving them that welcome glow and somtimes smoke curling from chimneys. 

And so a trip up to Tambourine Mountain Botanical Gardens was in order. Ten minutes from the highway the houses gave way to large hobby farms, the air was fresh and the grass was green. 

A smattering of homes
This house sits on the boundary of the Botanical Gardens
It overlooks tall palms and a little steam.
Part of the Tranquility Gardens.
The Bamboo Walk at a nursery on the mountain.
Nature is so intricate, so complex, vibrant, breathtakingly beautiful, nourishing, surprising, constant, calming...there is no need nor inclination to hurry, think quickly, plan ahead, no, just to walk and take it in is reward enough.
I'll be back!

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