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Friday, June 3, 2011


Alpaca heaven. Berrima.
We're just visiting but would love to live here.
Leaf  blowers in Canberra, a regular morning sight.
Kristian waiting for the horse.
With mum and Dad, big two.
The Blessing of the Fleet parade
20 cents for a slice of watermelon
Alex, Chantal and I have not long returned from a little tour of the Southern Highlands via a visit to Ulladulla to see daughter and sister Stephanie and grandson and nephew Kristian. It was so good to take leave, no more books and study for the girls, no more routine for me, just free days with no agenda. Delightful.

Like mother, like son.

The days were deliciously crisp, the leaves crunched under foot, the wind rustled in the trees,  the pine cones fell, the wool shops beckoned, the cafes sent out their aromas to lead us in, people smiled, talked, told me their stories, in one shop whilst looking for a toy owl for Kristian the lady owner told of her struggle in life with her son, her father asked her back home to live, on a big property, for over 4 years she struggled to regain all that she'd lost, she learnt to cook, to garden, to care for her son, to rest, now she has bought a shop and is working towards building some cottages for guests where she will cook organically from her garden. She smiled a lot. Another, a waitress, told of selling her restaurant and packing as she and her husband are moving to japan. She is excited to live in an embassy and to ski in Japan. A dream that has come true.
Alpaca warm.

I'm drawn to the cold climates, when the air is fresh and the cheeks are cold, it's there that I can think and process all my thoughts, not when the air is heavy with moisture and hot and the limbs drag. I love to start the day with porridge, to walk in mist and see the moss growing on stones, the houses that are a part of a town through always being there, tumble down walls, sometimes as in Tasmania the old milestones on the side of the road still in roman numerals. I need to feel part of what's gone before me.

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