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Thursday, June 9, 2011


The darling Kristian, when a bottle just won't do!
Earl Grey at the National Portrait Gallery.
Take away macchiato or latte.
Alex, with hot chocolat, sourdough raisin toast
Tea for two or four or....
I'm very grateful to the discovery of tea. I love it. Put me in a tea shop and I'm in sensory overload, the olfactory has never had such delight, well maybe in spring time...and I do love the smell of little babies...

Way, way back, before the 10th Century it was being served, exchanged and adapted.

What would we do if not for this social ritual? I could imagine meeting a friend in a park or a gallery but so often the most bonding of times is simply sipping a beverage with said friend in a busy, noisy cafe. There is an intimacy in these places that belies their appearance. My favourite was a tiny, dark, stone walled, old cafe in a lane way in Rome, large covered mugs of rich, gooey hot chocolat and coffee with aromas to lift the senses. What is your favourite place to drink tea or coffee in?

Have a lovely day,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Real Joy.
Mirth...also known by her other names, joy, cheer, happiness, joviality, lightheartedness, delight, vivacity, merriment...

Everyday I try to wear this coat of organic happiness, to exude a simple joy and with that comes a paring down of our life. The world, the news, the push and shove of the academic pathway for the girls, the pressure to use minimal resources, to be informed, to keep up is not how I want to live. I want a simple life, to be able to give of what I can to contribute to the community and hold onto a quality of life that is in how we treat each other,how and what we eat, how we talk to each other, what we read, what we see and what we do.

Often a legacy is not in tangible items. I have no antiques or expensive jewellery but I have a way of living that I hope my children will take with them into their future and that it will be there to shore them up if they need or want it.
Here's hoping, always,

Keep smiling,