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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Walk into the Sunshine.

Today I woke early, my normal routine, I opened up the house, made a cuppa, cooked some Anzac biscuits for the girls school snack, but then I turned on the radio and it was news time...
The darling Kristian, walking into the sunshine, Milton, N.S.W.
I was fine before the news, my day had been planned, I was on track with everything I needed to do but after listening to one disaster after another I somehow felt overwhelmed. To hear that our Prime Minister won't see the Dali Lama because China doesn't wish it was the straw that tipped me over. In the past I've thought when we get through this flood, earthquake, war, famine, terror threat, etc the world will be on track to a large degree, I used to think that we/they would learn and move on/upwards. You know, cessation of hostilities, humane treatment of women, enlightenment, progress, mediation, speaking on friendly terms with those that have different lives and cultures, etc. Do we not learn? If nations can't, how can the individual who is struggling with housing, finances and set backs see a clear path?

So, what to do? I ponder.

Sugar Mill, Northern N.S.W.

I suddenly reaslised that I am an optimist and always have been. It's a coping mechanism. Life is a fine place when I can see hope and good intentions through the butts of  injustice. But I think I need to pull a bit more reality into my being. I need a mind shift. I think I'm missing something.

Moving forward.

A well recognized symbol of peace, Bamboo nursery, Tambourine Mountain.
I am not going to turn my back on the daily world but I'm going to find restoration in the kindness and outpouring of love of strangers in times of catastrophy. I'm not going to waste any more emotional grieving on what is done, troubled times bring out the best in we fragile humans. That so often, supreme effort is shown, given, offered with never a thought of pay back is the best of all hope that I can wish for this planet now.

Pink, symbolising love, caring, acceptance and calm
And finally, these words by Robert A. Ward;

Robert A. Ward

I wish you the courage to be warm when the world would prefer that you be cool.
I wish you success sufficient to your needs;
I wish you failure to temper that success.
I wish you joy in all your days;
I wish you sadness so that you may better measure joy.
I wish you gladness to overbalance your grief.
I wish you humor and a twinkle in your eye.
I wish you glory and the strength to bear its burdens.
I wish you sunshine on your path and health to carry you on your journey.
I wish you peace — in the world in which you live and in the smallest corner of you heart where truth is kept.
I wish you faith — to help define your living and your life.
More I cannot wish you — except perhaps love — to make all the rest worthwhile.

I wish you all a truly lovely week,

Vicki xx


deux chiens et un garcon said...

Good evening Vicki'

I do myself find it hard to reconcile the chaos, injustice, hurt and misery that can go on in the world and then with my daily life. Like most mothers probably I feel this more acutely, wanting to protect my little one from such harshness.

I find in my daily work I can be quite clinical and really focus on the problem. At home things affect me a lot more.

I love the description of 'pink'.

A truly lovely week to you too.

Suze said...

I am so alike you in temperament, Vicki. Let the one thing we never temper be our optimism, our idealism, our hope.

I get my news about the world from individuals, not nations. Though I suppose a nation is comprised of individuals, and in this manner, I stay connected to what is true-- not what is orchestrated by an incendiary circus.

May my connections all be as edifying as the one I feel toward you this morning.

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

You have a lovely week Vicki
If only life was never complicated

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,
Thank you for your words, I think it is that sometimes after the peace and tranquility of home the world just rushes in at me with alarming speed. Yes, and the need to protect our own is strong, no matter what age they are.

Hi Suze,
Words can indeed be beautiful and a comfort, thank you so much for yours.You would know well then that optimism, idealism and eternal hope can not be kept down for long! It's a buoy on the ocean of duck and weave but wow, it can be a great view at times!

Hi Rowena,
Yes, I wonder why it is just so complicated. I bet Einstein would have had an equation for it. But it's true, you can't appreciate real china unless you've had the old ironstone dinner set.
Hope you've made some headway on the thesis?

Olga said...

Everything has its own time. There's a time for grieving, and a time to concentrate and start something new.

Anonymous said...

Oh I've had so many days like that, Vicki! I can get really thrown by enormous problems that it seems I can do nothing about. But then I think of the people of St. Kilda, who used to greet the first ship after their long winter with "Is there a war on?" In other words, they got along just fine not knowing what was happening in the rest of the world. Some would say that's an irresponsible attitude, but there are many times I need to pull my focus back in to my own world, my connections with people and nature. Because there is so, so much good around.
By the way, our homepage on the computer is the Good News Network. It is a great thing for your mental health!

la fourchette said...

Vicki, thanks for visiting La Fourchette!

I've always appreciated the Dalai Lama's teachings on kindness: it begins within - with each of us. Until we all embrace a path of kindness towards ourselves and others, it's likely that nations will reflect the collective's inner conflict. Seems like you are heeding that teaching. Each individual counts and contributes to the greater good.

Lovely to meet you! Looking forward to sharing more...

thejadeleaf said...

What a beautiful, beautiful poem. Jade x

Susan said...

A very thoughtful post Vicki.
You've tapped in to what many people must be feeling.

I didn't realise I'd missed so many of your posts, so I've been catching up :D)