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Vicki xx

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Rush to Save Time.

I've been thinking about relaxation. At the busiest time of the year. In a time when 'we must catch up for a coffee' is the default for hello and it was prompted by the sight of a woman sitting in a busy cafe surrounded by a long list and a pile of Christmas cards. She did not pause except to sip her coffee. Card writing used to be a long, relaxing event in December. It was often reflective and even cathartic as was gift wrapping on Xmas Eve and drinking coffee in cafes. Now we can outsource and what a time saver that has proved to be! But where does the saved time go? Is it spent talking with our loved ones, finishing that book, trying out that recipe, a long landline conversation to an interstate friend, a swim or better still a time to process our thoughts? There is no bank of 'saved hours', at the end of every day we start all over again. I've worked out my New Year's Resolution, I'm going to spend every saved minute every day, I'm going to waste my saved time on whatever attracts me in the moment. I have a feeling it will be time well spent.
Have a truly restful day,
vicki xx

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Hot Christmas.

I've been thinking about Christmas. It's hot. And in Queensland where I live we are not tied to any particular style in anything we do, our Xmas can be as'European or as Australian as we want. We can have a traditional tree adorned with glistening baubles and garlands of glitter or a contemporary tree with minimalist branches made from wire and decorated with paper hearts. We can have an elaborately set table with damask cloth, fine glassware, candles and multiple courses of roasted and baked fare or stand, whooshing the flies, dripping wet from the pool around the BBQ eating hot prawns and coleslaw with a pavlova to finish. My experience of Christmas as a child growing up in the 60's was as remote for todays's children as it would have been for me then to imagine computers. My toys were all centred on mothering, dolls and their clothes, prams, tea-sets, plastic make-up sets, kitchen appliances, paper press out dolls and their different clothes and for the well-to-do, dolls houses. My brothers presants were centred on being a 'man' pop guns, cap guns, garages with cars, train sets, plastic knives in a sheath strapped around his waist, marbles, kites, sling shots..... My yearning was for an Annie Oakley outfit. I wanted to be just like Annie! Riding horses just like the men, not being obstructed by dresses and tight shoes which pretended that you didn't have toes, laughing just like the men too! Alas for me, no matter how hard I wished and asked Santa every Christmas Eve night there would be no cowgirl outfit under the tree. It made me wonder how 'good' I had to be. Thankfully now girls are not stereotyped  at present giving and mothers don't have to sweat it out in a hot kitchen all day. And I can order gifts from Lithuania or Venice on the computer. Oh progress how great it is to finally meet you!
Merry Xmas and good cheer to all.
Vicki xx