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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Good Year?

As this year slides into it's close and my head prepares for 2011 I am hoping that the new year will be a vintage crop. I can't help but compare the similarities of wine production and my life. Winemakers require the right acidity in the soil, the right balance of minerals, the right amount of sun, drainage, type of grape, careful tending, the right time to harvest and an experienced person to produce a product that stands up in the market place, oh and just a pinch of luck! Raising a family, juggling work, allowing for every member to grow strong and tall in their own right, getting the physical and emotional nutrients right, pulling it all together and hoping that all the hard work pays off is what my aim is. This Christmas, my goal was to bring lots of fun back into our life after a hard year and I've come to learn that what I was after was a Christmas more akin to the ones when the girls were little and everything was cause for laughter and delight and curiosity. Now our fun times are different, they are more painting fingernails and making plans for the end of next year when Yr 12 is over. It's more about arranging the ornaments and discussing our Christmas menu.

Christmas has grown up and moved on.
Lot of happy thoughts,
x Vicki


deux chiens et un garcon said...

life is always changing and sometimes it can be hard keeping up. The recipe for raising a family sounds right. Have a lovely thoughtful christmas Vicki.

Susan said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and lots of happy fingernail painting sessions with your girls :)