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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day in the Life.

These days are always bright and sunny. They start off early, end late, in between morphs into a timeless mass. Sometimes I get to visit the library at the girls school and read, all the interesting books, my favorite being in the education and medical sections. If I'm treating myself I'll stay a long time.....
Drop daughters at school
quick visit to library to read for an hour
To the market
What's for tea?chose away.
Real bread
Real coffee
Orchids in the shopping centre.
Into the paper shop for some white willow branches
Baby rockmelons and passionfruit
Reply to my dear friend and a new bookmark swap.

If I ever wonder again what I do with my days I'll just take some photos. Work for family is very gratifying and I love being a cog in the wheel of the last two at home. With some flown the nest I know how quickly this time will go so I'm enjoying every day, every week and storing lots of memories.

 I'm becoming aware of not wasting time, someone said to me last week, a person who had been in a wheel chair for 24 years due to a car crash...I've been sitting down for 24 years....those words still resonate within me, I can't get them out of my head, Wayne said, I'd just like to get up and walk again, sometimes it's the most unexpected encounters that reach the heart.

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liz said...

Thanks for your very kind comments on my blog. Its always nice to read such nice things!
I have loved looking at the pictures of your day, its a great way to remember what youve been doing, (I forget so much!) I love the idea of a quiet hour in the library, what a treat! I used to love reading the books in the nursing college library when I was there. I love the market too, it all looks so tempting!
We have a friend who has been in a wheelchair for 22 years, it must be horrible to be sat down for so long. It really is amazing to be healthy and able to do whatever we wish, something we are all guilty of taking for granted.
Hope you have a lovely week, Liz**

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, and indeed a lovely blog! As you say we should be grateful for all we have, including the simplest things that we take for granted. I really enjoy seeing your photos and reading about how you are consciously focusing on the important things in life! "Being a cog in the wheel" of your daughters' lives - what a great way to put it. I'm very conscious of time passing as my daughter grows up, and I treasure these days too.

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

Gorgeous blog
Write a book on time management, I've not got time ; )
Thanks for your support.
Love your blog

Linda said...

It's true, walking is a privilege we should treasure.

I see 'Scotch bake rolls' in one of your shots - what sort of rolls are they? I'm thinking perhaps soft white baps, dusted with flour?

Vicki said...

Hi Liz,
Thank you, I'm really enjoying taking photos for the blog, my topic was always the children but now I like the everyday, the usual and typical things.

Hi Christine, oh yes, I also am aware of the passage of time, it's a glorious, hulking galleon charging through the waters and leaving only memories on the wake!

Hi Rowena, Well...one day a book will emerge, you make me aware of the need to 'do'more.

Hi Linda, yes, that's what the Scotch rolls are, there are so many varieties of bread there, you name it and they've go it. I love the name of the bakery, 'Flour'. Don't you just love words? And the restaurants that are called, Simmer,Courgette, Aubergine, Banana Leaf, Cream, Ginsing and The Holy Grail!
Love to all, Vickixx

Susan said...

A lovely day, well filled!
Reading the last paragraph of your post - wow, yes, how lucky are we who can carry out those functions with nary a thought.