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Monday, March 7, 2011

15 days of gratitude.

Blogging is not something that comes easily to me, I started because I wanted this year to be a year where I tried a different thing every week, something that I'd not normally consider. I don't want life to be...same ole, same ole.

The problem is, being private is a natural way of being for me, to reveal my thoughts and aspirations feels almost surreal and I find I like to delve too deeply into life to put it all onto a blog, it would bore everyone I'm sure, so I've decided to take inspiration from my friend, Jillian at deux chiens et un garcon, and think about some aspects of my life that I feel grateful for. I am aware that there are books and websites that show people how to tune into being grateful, in the past I have tried writing down, at the end of the day the three things that I am grateful for,  I am always keen and conscientious to start but soon the little notebook bought specifically for that intention starts to fill up with recipes, quotes, things to research, fallen leaves, sketches of trees.....so here I am to be grateful for 15 days. Thanks Jillian. I love your musings.

I am grateful for my daughter Chantal. She has many abilities, amongst them to see clearly into situations, for that reason and many others I think she will make a good politician, all she has ever wanted to be. She is always grateful for everything! She thanks me for every little thing I do for her, eg, driving her to school, listening to her talk about her day....she also likes to take a dramatic photo!

I am grateful for my daughter Alexandria. She is a sensitive, musical, switched on girl who loves travel and wants to explore. She has her feet on the ground, she loves history, animals and mystery. She cares about people doing the right thing. She likes to talk about the 'why' in the world. She reminds me to learn everyday, even when it's hard....like French!


Two of the best reasons for me to be eternally grateful....and I've got another 14 days to go!
Take care,
P.S. I am grateful for trees.

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deux chiens et un garcon said...

Such soft gentle beautiful girls. They are so lucky to have you as their Mum.

P.S. i love trees too. and thanking you.